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Sustainable farming focused on wheat, sheep, and pawpaw trees

Growing and milling wheat in Hardwick in recent years has become a fulfilling family and community activity that works well with our farmland. Crop fertility and weed suppression are accomplished by rotating fields with our grass grazing sheep herd.


Abbie's love of edible landscaping has led to crops of organically grown pawpaws, Cornelian cherries, persimmons, and beach plums. 


Pawpaw Fruit

Contact Abbie with inquiries about pawpaw fruit at 

mail (@)whitesfieldsfarm.com


Wheat usually available all year

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Grazing Sheep and Fertile Pastures for Future Grain Growing

Thank you Evan for this gorgeous drone video from May 11, 2019. Early May is always lovely with vivid green grass and pastel dappled deciduous trees. The sheep thrive.

Lively Lambs March 31, 2018

Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic Shelter in Place situation was needed for Abbie to actually view her son's wonderful drone videos from 2018. She is glad that she can share them.